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What are LLC benefits?

An LLC provides limited liability to its owners similar to a corporation, while offering the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship. Often more flexible than a corporation, an LLC offers many advantages including tax advantages, limited liability for business debts and more

Why Form LLC In Arizona?

There are many benefits to forming an LLC in Arizona. As a general rule, Arizona tries to minimize bureaucracy and make regulations easier for business. In a recent Chamber of Commerce survey, Arizona was ranked above the best states by legal professionals who were asked to rate the states's liability system perceptions.

Other advantages include:

  • No public financial disclosure nor annual fees
  • Limited disclosure of owners
  • Application for creating an LLC in Arizona is simpler and filing fees are lower than many other states.
  • A business owner can build in personal compensation without being taxed on all revenue.
  • Good personal asset protections.
  • No rules for an LLC to hold meetings.
  • Can choose not to write and adopt an operating agreement.
  • No annual reports are required for state of AZ LLC.
  • Only takes one to form Arizona LLC, so creation of an Arizona one member LLC is allowed.
  • Limited liability protection to members and managers without the formalities required by an corporation. Starting an LLC in AZ can offer members protection of their personal assets.
  • Can build in buy or sell and owner compensation provision.
  • Ease in transfer of ownership.
How are LLCs taxed?

Because an LLC is not considered a separate taxable entity from its owners, the LLC itself in most cases doesn't pay income tax (unless the owners elect to have their LLC taxed like a corporation). Instead, similar to a partnership or sole proprietorship, it is designated by the IRS as a "pass-through entity". Under this classification, the taxes are passed through to the LLC members who can report their share of business profit and loss on their personal tax returns without filing a separate corporate tax return.

LLC members must each make quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS. In addition, any LLC which has more than one member must file Form 1065 anually with the IRS, which documents each member's share of the profits or losses accumulated by the LLC. The IRS uses this information to verify that the members are reporting their income accurately.

Why choose AZQuickFile?

LLC-AZ differs from other multistate internet LLC formation services in several ways:


  • We file only Arizona LLCs, for this reason, you benefit from our experience and knowledge of Arizona's filing procedures
  • We charge no service fee on LLC filing. This means on a very basic filing, with no extra services, you pay only the required state fees. The 1st year of our statutory agent service is free too.
  • We also offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction with our service is so important to us that we guarantee if you're not satisfied, we'll refund any non state fees, or work with you until you're satisfied!

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