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AZQUICKFILE is a locally owned business, certified by the AZ Supreme Court for Legal Document Preparation. We are quick and efficient, and provide free, expert, online Arizona LLC filing and formation. You pay only Arizona state fees. Our process is simple and cost effective. You’ll provide basic information via our online questionnaire and we’ll do the rest, including statutory agent services. We are your “One-Stop” LLC document filing solution in Arizona.


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Our quick, easy to understand form takes only several minutes. If you have any questions, we will guide you through the process by phone.

2. We file the paperwork

Now that we have your information, we’ll do a name search, prepare your documents and file them with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

3. Your LLC is formed!

Upon approval of your LLC, we will notify you instantly and send you all relevant documents via email to ensure prompt delivery.

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Frequent Questions

What are LLC benefits?

An LLC provides limited liability to its owners similar to a corporation, while offering the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship. Often more flexible than a corporation, an LLC offers many advantages including tax advantages, limited liability for business debts and more

Why Form LLC In Arizona?

There are many benefits to forming an LLC in Arizona. As a general rule, Arizona tries to minimize bureaucracy and make regulations easier for business. In a recent Chamber of Commerce survey, Arizona was ranked above the best states by legal professionals who were asked to rate the states's liability system perceptions.

Other advantages include:

  • No public financial disclosure nor annual fees
  • Limited disclosure of owners
  • Application for creating an LLC in Arizona is simpler and filing fees are lower than many other states.
  • A business owner can build in personal compensation without being taxed on all revenue.
  • Good personal asset protections.
  • No rules for an LLC to hold meetings.
  • Can choose not to write and adopt an operating agreement.
  • No annual reports are required for state of AZ LLC.
  • Only takes one to form Arizona LLC, so creation of an Arizona one member LLC is allowed.
  • Limited liability protection to members and managers without the formalities required by an corporation. Starting an LLC in AZ can offer members protection of their personal assets.
  • Can build in buy or sell and owner compensation provision.
  • Ease in transfer of ownership.
How are LLCs taxed?

Because an LLC is not considered a separate taxable entity from its owners, the LLC itself in most cases doesn't pay income tax (unless the owners elect to have their LLC taxed like a corporation). Instead, similar to a partnership or sole proprietorship, it is designated by the IRS as a "pass-through entity". Under this classification, the taxes are passed through to the LLC members who can report their share of business profit and loss on their personal tax returns without filing a separate corporate tax return.

LLC members must each make quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS. In addition, any LLC which has more than one member must file Form 1065 anually with the IRS, which documents each member's share of the profits or losses accumulated by the LLC. The IRS uses this information to verify that the members are reporting their income accurately.

Why choose AZQuickFile?

LLC-AZ differs from other multistate internet LLC formation services in several ways:


  • We file only Arizona LLCs, for this reason, you benefit from our experience and knowledge of Arizona's filing procedures
  • We charge no service fee on LLC filing. This means on a very basic filing, with no extra services, you pay only the required state fees. The 1st year of our statutory agent service is free too.
  • We also offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction with our service is so important to us that we guarantee if you're not satisfied, we'll refund any non state fees, or work with you until you're satisfied!

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Supreme Court Certified

AZQuickFile is officially registered and certified by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our service 100% or we’ll refund our fees no questions asked.

Free Statutory Agent

Free first year Statutory Agent comes complimentary with all LLC orders

Only Arizona LLCs

Unlike big multistate filing services we specialize only in Arizona LLCs.

Our Fees Are the Lowest

Our LLC creation fees are the best in the industry. Save money when it counts.

Next Day Processing

Next business day processing to get your business up and running quickly.

Free Arizona LLC Filing and Formation

AZQuickFile makes expert Arizona LLC formation affordable by offering our packages without any filing service fees. Since our entry level basic package consists of filing only, we are essentially offering to form your Arizona LLC for free- you pay only the $50 state fee required by the Corporation Commission.

We also offer other low cost packages that provide additional options and services (such as EIN, and Notice For Publication), all with no LLC filing service fees. The absence of this charge adds up to substantial savings for you.

Our goal is to keep Arizona LLC formation quick and effortless while at a cost which won’t strain your startup business budget., Because we are a smaller, effeciently run service, our fees are the lowest.  All our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee .

Filing An LLC In Arizona

In accordance with the state laws and regulations, our system delivers expert service while guaranteeing considerable savings. We’ve reduced the time-consuming and complex burden of filing an LLC in Arizona so that you can focus on the challenge of starting your business.

Unlike multi-state filing services, we provide Arizona only LLC formation. Since we only file Arizona LLCs, you benefit from our experience, and knowledge of Arizona’s filing procedures. Our work is done quickly and hand delivered to the Arizona Corporation Commission. As a locally owned company ourselves, we care deeply about the success of your business. We are proud of our work, and are deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Starting a business should be an exciting time and we look forward to helping you succeed.


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“Because this was my first LLC, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. AZQuickFile made the process easy. Their form was simple to fill out, and they were available to answer my questions.

The service was exactly as advertised. I received status updates, and 4 days later, the approved Articles, EIN number, and publication info.  Couldn’t be happier, and didn’t have to spend a fortune. Thanks AZQuickFile! “

April (Glendale)

“I needed to expedite my LLC formation to meet a strict deadline, and the staff at AZquickfile made it happen!  I will never forget their professional and kind customer service during a very stressful time for our business.  Azquickfile understood all the requirements and provided me information even before I asked – and, the pricing was so reasonable.  I would definitely recommend AZquickfile to all my friends and colleagues. ” Artem (Scottsdale)

“The staff at AZquickfile exceeded my expectations by answering all my questions and concerns. They skillfully managing the formation of my LLC in an expedited manner while maintaining frequent updates until the process was complete. I was impressed by their free 1 year registered agent service since my main residence is outside of Arizona. I’ll certainly use AZquickfile again and recommend them without hesitation.” Laura (Phoenix)

Free Statutory Agent Arizona Service

Arizona law specifies that each LLC register a Statutory Agent at all times to receive official documents on behalf of the company. These documents include mainly tax and legal correspondence, such as service of process when the LLC is involved in a legal action like summons or lawsuit.

The agent can be a person or business entity, must have a physical street address (no PO Box), and must be available during regular business hours to allow access by process servers.  The address will become public knowledge.

If you’re setting up an LLC in Arizona, or don’t need an LLC filed, but just  need an Arizona Statutory Agent, we can help.  Our dedicated Registered Agent Service is free for the first year and just $99/year after that.

Starting an LLC in Arizona

Starting an LLC in Arizona offers personal liability protection, flexible tax treatment and less paperwork than a traditional corporation. Let our experienced team help you take this first important step for your new or existing business. Starting an LLC in Arizona was never so easy.

How the Process Works

With AZQuickFile, forming an LLC in Arizona is effortless. Based on your online questionaire, our team generates the required state forms and hand delivers them to the AZ Corporation Commission within the next business day.  Track your progress anytime online.

Free Statutory Agent Arizona

Setting up an LLC in Arizona, or don’t need an LLC filed, but just an Arizona Statutory Agent? Our dedicated Registered Agent Service is free for the first year and just $99/year after that.

We’re Your Complete LLC Filing Solution.

We are your one stop shop for LLC filing, offering all the services to get your business up and running.


LLC preparation and filing

Free LLC filing, pay only Arizona fees.

Statutory Agent Service

Free  first year Statutory Agent.

Publication and EIN

Arrange publication, and obtain EIN.